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Diversity, Inclusion, Psychological Safety and Human System Optimization

There's an art in going from functioning as a team of individuals to behaving as an optimal human system, adapting to changing circumstances or resilient to challenges.  If you don't strive for this state of optimal performance, you'll not capitalize on the range of experiences your team can bring when that range is integral in your ability to innovate.


Unless you optimize, you're more likely to lose engagement, decrease team member retention and individual performance suffers. Then your high-performing team members are more likely to compensate, leading to burnout.  

This is a very under-appreciated skill but crucial to cultivate.  This is management science for creatives. 

As a creative, I want to understand human systems so that I can drive optimal team collaboration and improve the conditions of success


  • I want to understand how to encourage innovation when there is no knowledge transfer or project info and expertise is siloed.

  • I want to understand how to optimize the environment for psychological safety.

  • I want to know the experts in this field to assess and improve the working environment and retention of team members from underrepresented groups.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Consultants and Resources (Canada)

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