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The Business of Creativity 

According to the World Economic Forum, we have already entered a new industrial revolution - Industry 4.0. 

Technology is changing the nature of organizations, how we work, the value of what we produce.  The pandemic has prompted intense conversations about what is needed to build a better future for everyone.

We believe that a major shift is coming particularly in the areas of leadership competencies, establishing learning cultures, and recognizing that physical capital will be supplanted by human capital. Diversity representation is critical. Ensuring a circular economy mindset which recognizes and promotes additive contributions, knowledge sharing, and inclusion should be top priority.  It is paramount to draw upon the full range of expertise and experience contained in the ecosystem.

To deepen context and further this agenda, we have assembled some links and tables. 

As a creative, I want to know how to make a living from my work and protect my interests


  • I want to understand the best funding sources for the thing I want to do. 

  • I want to know how to understand the value of my creative work and how to negotiate for it.

  • I want to know companies I can be employed at or partner with that will treat me fairly and won’t exploit my talents.

  • I want to understand how government resources at municipal, provincial and the federal levels are arranged to help me with all aspects of my creative and business work.  

  • I want to understand how to build a business around my work - either project based, or long-term team expertise equity.

  • I want to understand what companies I can partner with to get my work to market, and how to engage in business dealings with them. 

  • I want to understand how to build an audience of followers.

  • I want to understand how to establish and protect my original content / intellectual property.

Incubators & Accelerators in Canada


Funding Sources in Canada

Incubators & Accelerators in Canada

Incubators and Accelerators
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