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Key members of our talented collective

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Over 20+ years, Su has held creative, production, and operations roles in game development and publishing, animation, and agency settings. She’s guided indies to scale, and supported established companies through challenging periods of intense change. Her career experience has culminated in excellent strategic sense, and a battle-hardened ability to drop into the most difficult situations and bring alignment to operational, creative, and cultural dynamics while successfully shipping projects. 

A servant leadership advocate, Su pairs principled business and strategic expertise with empathy and soft skills. 


She’s known as the Nerd Whisperer for her love of fostering high performing, team-first cultures, and her sizable network. 

Su has deep connections in academia, the broad tech industry, and creative communities in Canada and internationally. Her expertise includes consulting, industry research, training and curriculum development, and career coaching.


A lifelong learner, she recently completed an MBA, technology specialization, and a certificate in Human Resources Management at Simon Fraser University. A key contributor and supporter to volunteer-led communities (Diversity in Games, Full Indie, Spark CG Society) and industry-level advocacy organizations (DigiBC and Creative BC), she promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in strengthening creative communities.  




Through time in the Canadian military, in physics and astronomy in university and over 16 years in game and software development, Paige has weathered male-dominated spaces for most of her life. In these experiences, she has built an approach to articulate others’ struggles creating understanding and resolving conflict while developing empathy in professional settings. 


Paige’s background is in leadership, organizing and motivating people towards shared goals and creating environments where people thrive through mutual support and respect. She has navigated her career in tech while being a full-time single parent, which is reflected in uniquely resilient problem-solving skills that she has brought to bear in startups, scale-ups, and larger corporations such as Microsoft Game Studios and Disney Interactive. 


In her role as Director of Engineering at Unbounce Marketing Solutions, Paige brought diversity to a once monocultural team and created a high-performance development culture focused on inclusion and psychological safety. As Procurify Technology Inc.’s Principal People Champion, she was the cultural beacon advocating for growth and development across the organization. Now as Lead Producer at Cloud Chamber, she brings her deep experience to game products.




Dave is a Professor of Professional Practice at the Centre for Digital Media and a digital media consultant. He has experience in the video game and animation industry as Studio Head of MGN Studios Limited, Studio Head and VP Technology of Radical Entertainment, Senior Director within Activision’s Central Studios, and VP Technology of Mainframe / Rainmaker Entertainment.  Dave was also an Associate Professor in the School of Computing Science and co-director of the Graphics and Multimedia Research Lab at Simon Fraser University.  He has authored over 50 journal and conference papers in the areas of computer graphics and scientific visualization, and has over 35 credits in video games, direct-to-video movies, and television series.



Advisor - Senior Designer

She's amazing. Becky brings over 20 years of diverse experience in design, animation and production. A systems thinker, she's got excellent sense for timing, balance, and experiential aspects of designing missions and systems. 

Becky's done tours of duty with large studios such as Ubisoft, Propaganda (Disney Interactive), Eidos, WB Games, plus multiple indie studios including Slant Six. She's always keen to learn new things, and won't back down from a challenge.

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