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Growth Mindset

Due to rapidly changing technology and expanding creative markets, digital creatives will need to adopt a growth mindset and be continuously learning new skills. However, in this industry, often the team's priority is shipping the project rather than building skills and capabilities. How can you progress in your career and find opportunities for growth?

It's vital to think about regularly taking stock to reaffirm where you want to go on your career journey, evaluating reskilling opportunities and industry relevance. Remember to respecc!

As a creative, I want to know what skills and knowledge are required to succeed at various types of work and how to grow in my career


  • I want access to training or professional development to help me succeed

  • I want to have support for all of the different skill sets that I don’t have as a creative, like potentially marketing, social media, operations, and people management.

  • I want access to experts who can help me identify skills / knowledge gaps in my experience and better prepare me for success. 

Game Studios - BC

Game Development Studios - BC

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Education & Training for Creatives - BC

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Critical Perspectives 

GDC Session Name:    R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Practical Tips to Prevent Abuse & Build Team Trust
Speaker:    Emily Greer
Overview:  Over the last few years, many members of the game development community have come forward with upsetting stories of harassment and abuse, both recent & past. It's easy to feel helpless, but thoughtful leaders can take many steps, large & small, to help minimize harassment & abuse, increase the likelihood that it will be reported, and handle it effectively when it happens. This talk will examine the patterns and conditions of harassment and give concrete strategies that not only counteract abuse but also make teams more effective, with reduced turnover and higher trust.

GDC Session Name:#1ReasonToBe

Speakers: Laia Bee, Jules Glegg, Sandra Castro, Alhvi Balcarcel, Estelle Makhoba, Bahiyya Khan, Weam Numan, Camila Fisher

Overview:#1Reasontobe is a panel that will feature women from different countries around the world. Each speaker will share their #1ReasonToBe in this industry, their stories, their challenges and their dreams. 

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